Good business is responsible business. This includes responsibility to the natural environment in which we live, to the mental environment of the culture we create, and to the social environment of our individual interactions with other people and collective interactions with other peoples and cultures.

At PhotoSynthesis our commitment to environmental and social responsibility applies as much to how we relate to those we work for and work with as it does to what paper we use and where we shop. At the core of this commitment is our responsibility to you, our customer. If you are not satisfied with both the product and the process, we have failed our mandate.

Environmental Standards
Our approach to environmental impact managment is threefold.

#1. Use as little energy as possible.
Excessive energy consumption is the world's chief agent of environmental devastation. Electricity generation, much of which uses fossil fuels, and transportation are the two main culprits, both of which can be reduced by the conservation efforts of individuals and small businesses.

#2. Use as few environmentally damaging products as possible
Finding alternatives to products that, in their production, use, or disposal, cause undue environmental degradation is usually just a matter of looking.

#3. Shop locally
When calculated by overall ecological impact, this is one of the most powerful methods of reducing our negative effect on the planet.


Cultural Standards

As communicators, we are conscious of our effect on the mental environment. Individuals' day-to-day thoughts and actions are influenced by what they hear, see, and read. At PhotoSynthesis, we try to ensure that our influence is a positive one.

Before taking on a client's project we look at what the social and environmental policies of the client are. If we are going to be effective at promoting a client's product, we like to know that its effects will not be destructive.

By choosing PhotoSynthesis, you are using your influence to help redirect our culture towards a path of human and ecological sustainability. 


Satisfaction Gaurantee

At PhotoSynthesis, we take our commitment to customer satisfaction seriously. 100% happy customers is the foundation of our business plan.

We will see to it that you are completely satisfied with our work before it is delivered. If you are not, we will keep working until you are, or refund your payment.