It is light that makes plants grow, and light that comes out of your computer screen. Light with which you see the world, and light with which the world sees you. Plants use light to synthesize the cells which ultimately make up nearly all of the earth's living organisms. Light from the sun created the fossil fuels that power the industrial world today, and light from the sun will power the wind, water, and solar energies of the future.

For humans today, light, amongst all its other forms, is a means of communication. Photons deliver the written word and the printed image, keys to humans' ability to communicate information, ideas, and emotions from one person or place to another.

These mediums translate the message from mind to mind. As they do so, they become part of the message. So, we translate. We help you to communicate powerfully by producing a synthesis of the medium with the message—ensuring that your message will never be "lost in translation."

Welcome to PhotoSynthesis.